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Retaining a divorce attorney who is competent to address military issues can be a challenge. In addition to the normal legal issues present in a divorce, military members often have additional issues they must deal with, especially if they are still on active duty. I hope I can be of assistance to you. My goal is to listen to clients and deliver quality legal services for a reasonable fee. In light of this commitment, this office offers a free initial telephone with a lawyer to discuss your legal issue: (253) 272-1434.

This office also represent clients who reside out of state with pending dissolution/divorce or child support issues in Washington.

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Specific issues affecting military members and military retirees:

  • Miltary Retirement - USFSPA : The Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act, 10 U.S.C. 1408. The military retirement benefit is often the largest asset of the divorce. Any division of the military retirement depends on a great deal of factors including other assets of the marriage, the date of separation. Contrary to common perception, the military spouse is not automatically entitled to any portion of the military retirement regardless of the duration of the marriage.

    A number of our clients are in the military or are military dependants.

    There are special legal considerations and protections that must be considered for those in military or who are retired from the military. Military retirement issues can also arise. You should retain a lawyer who is familiar with these issues

  • Military Disability - Military servicemembers are often rated for a medical disability either before they leave the military. As time passes, the disability rating for military member often increases. Because the disability portion of the retirement cannot directly be divided by the military, the disability can have a profound effect on the payments, if any, made to the spouse after the divorce. One should remember, however, that the courts in Washington can consider the retirement benefit for other purposes such as setting child support or for maintenance.

  • Maintenance - The spouse of a military member can request a significant payment above and beyond the child support payment. The payments can represent a significant portion of the servicemember's military or retirement pay and last for years depending. In Washington State
  • Child Support - The child support for a military member can constitute a large portion of the military pay. All of the proper deductions and applicable deviations from the Washington State Child Support schedule should be used so that the resulting child support obligation is reasonable. Child support is designed to benefit the child not the custodial parent. Therefore, child support should not be disguised as form of maintenance. The servicemember should also work to have the child support based on the income of the member after the divorce.
  • Maintenance - The spouse of a military member or retiree may also request that the court award a monthly payment of maintenance which is a monetary payment in addition to child support. Under Washington law, there are many factors that a court may consider when deciding the issue of maintenance. Generally, the longer the marriage and the more "needs" the spouse can demonstrate will increase the liklihood that amount of maintenance will be higher and for a longer duration. Another consideration is the ability of the military member to pay maintenance.

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